Breakfast Thoughts and Chia Seeds

Morning Tea and Chia Pudding with Ruby Plumbs on top

Morning Tea and Chia Pudding with Ruby Plumbs on top


So, as my first blog post, I suppose I should explain that I have recently decided to cut loads of sugar (mostly over processed, but lots of natural fructose as well) out of my diet.  I feel way better than I have in years.  I have more energy, I am not constantly running on coffee fumes, and my digestive system has been functioning much better than it used to.  Most of my blog posts will probably have to do with this big life changing decision, because it has been a fun process of discovery that I would love to share with whoever will listen.  I should also probably mention that many of the recipes (and the reason I quit sugar) come from the book I Quit Sugar by Sara Wilson.

But there are also plenty of other things I have been doing in the kitchen, like baking my own bread for sandwiches, making my own pickles, and even homemade yogurt and cream cheese.  I find this fascinating because no woman has done these things in my family since my Great Grandmother, and yet they are so easy and so inexpensive compared to buying it preservative free at a health food store.


BUT on to the Chia Pudding!  We went out and bought Chia seeds for the first time last night, made the pudding and ate it this morning.  It’s really tasty, like tapioca pudding…. but a little funny…. like eating frog eggs. lol


1/2 cup Chia seed

1 1/2 cups Milk  (cashew milk, almond milk, or regular whole milk)

1/4 cup frozen berries  (optional; I used fresh plumbs even tho it’s a no-sugar diet “no-no”)

1 tsp. Stevia  

1 tsp. Vanilla Powder 

Pinch of Salt

Combine all ingredients the night before (or a few hours before) to allow chia seeds to soak up liquid and become pudding-like.  Enjoy for breakfast in the morning!


This summer has been a time of discovery in recipes, books, old movies, gardening and new ways of life.  I am really excited to share, not just food and recipes but all of the little life hacks, fun findings, and inspirational ideas life has to offer. Till next time!


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