Why This Blog Isn’t Just Food


So I thought I should explain why this blog is seemingly so eclectic. I am an artist, not just in the sense of creativity and imagination, but in the fact that I actually hold a Bachelors in Fine Arts. In starting a new chapter in Life, I have realized that art is not just in the pieces of “artwork” that is created but in the daily life experiments, trials, and concerns.  My artwork has begun to reach far beyond a canvas or clay.  My life’s art is in my kitchen, in my marriage, in my studying history and observing the world, it’s in my writings or poetry, it’s in the stuff I make for everyday life, and in the way that I enjoy life as a whole.  This blog is about how the living life as an art form changes the way we think, act, and behold the world around us.  This summer has been a fun voyage of discovering books, old movies, recipes, gardening, and travel, and I intend to capture all of it right here.  Consider it an “Eat, Pray, Love”– Journal all about life, food, entertainment, and how they all go together.